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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My brother blogged about this excellent film when it was in theaters. I don't think I've ever seen a period piece get it so right. I'm a huge fan of 70's culture. I loved That 70's Show, Dazed and Confused, and Detroit Rock City, and it's no shocker that I should love this movie. As Tony Alva stated on Fred's blog, and as I hope he will revisit those notions here, these guys were our hero's. Jay Adams, Stacy Peralta, and yes, Tony Alva (the real one) are portrayed perfectly in this great movie about a great time in American sport and culture. It gets it right, as it should. It's written and produced by Stacy Peralta. I like it when they get it right. This dramatized version of the amazing documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, also a Peralta film, tells the personal side of the story, and it's a very personal story.

Great soundtrack too.

great movie. i loved it.
Hello, Ted,
Glad I found you again !
I guess I shouldn't come up to you this way, but I cant find smokeandmirrors anymore...
Maybe you don't remember me I'm the french guy who requested you for a cover of a Mott The Hoople song.
Did you eventually choose the one you were going to record ?
My email is louis@iosub.net, in case you'd want to mail me...
I remember you, and the song in question was to be, I think, "Standing In My Light' by Ian Hunter. As you might guess it hasn't happened. Still a great idea though.
My brother was the Mott/Ian fan, but what record is it on? I'll work it up. Maybe lay it down during the Tedstock visit...

Hey, it's out old friend Louis!

Happy to see you're out there.

Which Hoople song did we cover again? I have no recollection.
We did 'I Wish I Was Your Mother', and then Louis asked us to do another Mott/Ian Hunter Tune. I suggested "Standing In My Light' which is an Ian Hunter song of his excellent LP "Your Never Alone With A Schizophrenic'. It's a great record Tony, and a great song if you are so inclined.
"Standing In My Light" has never been covered by anyone yet.
You still have a world premiere at the tip of your fingers !
Your "I Wish I Was your Mother" still is one of the best around.
(I know what I'm talkign about, I have 23 different versions by 12 different acts).
We're working on getting a new website. There's aloty going on at Smoke and Mirrors just now, but thanks for reminding us.
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