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Monday, September 26, 2005


I have never fared this poorly. I knew it. I only got three out of twelve. There's still tonight's game. My poor Jets. Always in the game to the end, the seriously ugly end. I'll let somebody else detail my dismal performance.

What's worse is the Pat's pulled it off against the Steelers. I hate the Pat's, I hate Tom Brady. I hate them more than you. Can someone please beat them.

How the Steelers let these guys get the ball on there own 20 yrd line with under 1:30 left to play win the game just smacks of a Dick Cheaney conspiracy or something.

At least the Flacons won...
I wish I could blame Dick for the Jets loss, but the fault lies squarely on bad playing. At least the Jets have THE BEST DEFENSE EVER to keep them in the game until the very last losing second.
The key to the Jets winning is Chad aggregating his fecal matter. If he can get it together, they've got a winner.
Unfortunately, it looks like Chad's fecal matter may be the only thing they can get out of him this season.

Pennington is out for the season, as is his backup Jay Fielder.

Who will we get? "The Bachelor," Jesse Palmer? Brett Favre? Neil O'Donnell is a broadcaster now, maybe they can make him an offer he can't refuse.
Is Blanda still alive? Ken Stabler? Flutie? Bueller? Anyone?
I hear Joe Namath is considering suiting up.
Dude, Don't say Flutie unless you want him. I saw him in the booth at some game last week and he was saying that he's actively trying out for teams right now. I kinda like the guy really, but he's not going to get you into a superbowl.

I heard Andre Rison on the radio yesterday morning telling everybody that he's doing all he can to get a try out with the Falcons. The guy's a complete moron (says he a record producer too). I can't remember who's been sent to jail for child support lapses more him or Bobby Brown. They must trade secrets with each other on how to avoid ex wives and girlfriends.

Blanda, Stabler, LOL!
I dare say Flutie could get the Jets into the playoffs, and then Blanda, alive or dusted off, will take it home.
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