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Friday, September 30, 2005


After last weeks dismal performance by me and most of the NFL it's hard to predict anything, but here goes:

New Orleans over Buffalo
Jacksonville over Denver
Tampa Bay over Detroit
Cincinnati over Houston
Indianapolis over Tennessee
San Diego over New England
Seattle over Washington
Giants over St. Louis
Jets over Baltimore
Oakland over Dallas
Atlanta over Minnesota
Philly over KC

San Fran plays Arizona in Mexico City - they all get kidnapped - no game.

Green Bay upsets Carolina on Monday Night - Brett likes prime time.

You are so right, games have been very unpredictable this season.

I agree with all you picks except one, I think the pats will beat the chargers. In fact I think I'll just copy and paste you pics and change that one. Great work.

Green bay will own monday night.
The Pat's may just beat San Deigo, but hatred for the Pat's forbids me from ever picking them. As much as I hated the Dolphins & Steeler during the 70's for keeping my Raiders from superbowl greatness (they've both been forgiven since), the Pat's have cleared that high water mark of distain.
The Patriots are yucky.
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