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Monday, September 19, 2005


More Republican hate found at Huezine. This was in response to Hue's post about Autism Cares - Katrina. How come I never see the inverse of this? Oh yeah, because Republicans are heartless bastards...

"Harley Republican, Proud Supporter of OUR President said...

You hate President Bush, you probably blame him for the hurricane. You call him an idiot, you call him a disaster. Then you have the balls to ask people for help with autistics?

you obviously only want liberal dems to help you, unless you think offending everyone else is going to get you some support.

The problem with people like you is, you expect the goverment to pay all the bills just because someone has a special circumstance. Guess what, EVERYONE has some kind of special circumstance.

All the people who got out of New Orleans in time whether they had disablilties or not were the same people who did not rely on the goverment to pay all the bills. They are the people who rely on themselves to get through life.

It is not hard this thing we call life. Go to college, get a job, start saving money, get married, have a family. Then when the hurricane hits, put your family in the SUV and go to higher ground. Hopefully to a hotel with room service and a pool for the kids.

I will not be visiting the site you are advertising."

I'm glad this guy had time to interview ALL the people who got out of New Orleans. It must have been exhausting. I'm sure all the folks who got stuck in NO were saying to themselves, 'Man, if I had just gone to college'.

I don't recall Hue saying anything about the Government paying anybody's bills. Are all Republicans delusional as well, must be, look who they elected President.

Why is there so much hate on the right?

In the end, I guess he should support his President. I'm still looking or one of my own to support.

Yeah, well, you know, uh... sounds like this guy is kinda stupid.

You know, life isn't hard. Go to college, get a job, an SUV, and go to a hotel when a storm comes.

It seems like he's got it all figured out. I'm glad it's that easy.
I don't know who's more stupid, this guy, or the mayor of New Orleans.

"Autistics" thats funny... Maybe he was criticizing Hue for asking the fed for aid for acoustics. After all, why would Hue need federal assistance getting some sound proofing done.
You guys kill me...

It's worse than that Tony, they are here.
I appreciate you putting this up on your blog, The important thing is all the good things the organization AutismCares.com is doing.

This dude is a real ass, certainly not a good representation of a Republican. They aren't all like him, my whole family are right wingers (Sans Q). I generally delete these comments before anyone has a chance to read them. More for my wife, she doesn't dig those kind of comments.

I talk a lot of shit about Bush, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. but i also understand there are good and bad people in ALL political parties.

Now lets all get SUVs, go to college and move to higher ground!!!!
I heard you can get a lift kit for a Pontiac Grand Prix that will convert it into an SUV. You get to ride higher on the road and pump twice as much gas into it to go the same distance.

Hue, Let your wife know we've got her and your family's back.
Hue makes a point, and we got sidetracked sandbagging the assholes again, but AutismCares is a great organization who's motives are not financial, but educational.
you are a good man to point out this asshole from Hue's blog.

This guy sounds like the pinhead from the farrightwing blog.

Hue has offended me in the past (i.e. when he supported the prison abuse at Abu Girab), but that is what his blog is all about. Hue is an equal opportunity offender. That is why I like him. Oh yeah worst blog ever and all that.

The blogosphere needs more people like you and less like Harley.
The blogosphere is cool and all, but I'm more into the blogomoshere, ever since Al Gore invented it.
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