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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Our new podcasts are up at Huezine.


The first contains six classic UFO tunes:

'Pack It Up and Go'
'This Kids'
'I'm A Loser'
'Natural Thing'
'Lights Out'

The second podcast is a smattering of 'Lost Classics' Alva/Jackson style:

Triumph - 'Lay It On the Line'
Montrose - 'Bad Motor Scooter'
ZZ Top - 'Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings'
Blue Oyster Cult - 'Then Came the Last Days of May'
Black Sabbath - 'National Acrobat'
KIX - 'Cold Shower'


The lead singer for KIX looks nothing like David St. Hubbins in the photo at the top of the page.

if you post your podcasts every time you do them on your blog then RSS doesn't matter to me.

please keep it up so i'll know when you've got new ones to check out.
I loved the Blue Oyster Cult track.

I always loved that band.
i could go without Cherry, but the rest of that UFO podcast rocked.

i reblogged it.
UFO is good for you.
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