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Thursday, September 01, 2005


The original Woodstock concert was not conceived as a free show, but as we know, the public took matters into it's own mass communal hands. TEDSTOCK was originally conceived as a private function. My brothers wanted to throw me a party for my birthday. They decided to involve me because they figured they needed my help to get a line on who I wanted there. Well, who I wanted was bands, bands, and more bands. I'm not sure if my brothers resent me for taking it over, essentially, and turning it into a show, but if they don't already they might now.

As of today, I have made an executive decision to open TEDSTOCK to the public. We had thought of dividing the show; 4-8 pm private - 8-2 am public, but a call has come from a number of bands scheduled to play the early portion to open it up to their fans. I don't want to prevent an act from promoting their appearance at TEDSTOCK. Considering the fact that I'm using TEDSTOCK to raise funds for Autism Awareness, and now Hurricane Disaster Relief, I'd be cutting short the potential for that as well.

I am making a list of 'Guests' for TEDSTOCK. It will include friends, family, and band members from the various acts. At the door, 'Guests' will receive a wristband that will entitle them to the open bar and food. Simple.

Rod and Fred, I hope I'm not pushing this thing way beyond what you had in mind, if so, I'm sorry, but it's too late now, and there's a call to action on the account of Rocking!

lift up that velvet rope and Rock on, I think it's great that you are opening up the party of the century to the public.

I only wish I could make it.
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