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Friday, September 30, 2005

TEDSTOCK: One Day Of No Peace

Now that the poster is done, the T-shirts have been ordered, and the guest list is made, I guess it's time to fill you all in on what to expect from TEDSTOCK.

Initially, TEDSTOCK was simply a 40th birthday party for me, but being the BIG PRODUCTION guy that I am, I couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to create the event of the season. Already, a month out, I'd say TEDSTOCK is a success, so much so, I'm already planning my 50th - TEDHENGE - that's right, I'm going to build a Henge. We don't have many Henges over here, so I thought, hell, I want me own Henge, really.

So, what is TEDSTOCK? Well it's still a birthday party, but it's also a concert, and a benefit for Autism Awareness. Hue hipped me to NYFAC, and they will be sending over a staffer to mind a table where you can pick up literature about Autism, and where you can buy TEDSTOCK T-shirts, the proceeds from which will also go to NYFAC (after we cover cost of course, this is a benefit, not a financial aneurysm).

As far as the 'party' part goes, it works like this: I've put together a 'guest list' of about a hundred friends, family members, and band members. The show starts at 4 pm, and from 4 pm to 8 pm there will be food and open bar for those on the 'guest list', BUT, all are welcome to attend. Trash Bar's outer bar opens at 5 pm, and will function as it does on any other day. Mostly, this is a ruse to get all my nephews and nieces into the bar. Which brings us to the bands.

The first band, scheduled to go on around 4:45, will be the Four Fellas. My nephew Josh's band. Josh is 9 years old, and he is the drummer. The Four Fellas consist of schoolmates from The Little Red Shoolhouse. Their repetior consists of classic hard rock (Kiss/Zepplin) to modern hard rock (Green Day), with a splash of NYC punk (Ramones). I could not be more proud to have the Four Fellas on the bill. I'm thinking of sitting in on a number with them, maybe 'Suzy Is A Headbanger'.

Around 5:15 we'll see Geek Farm take the stage. I truly thank them for taking this spot on the bill. They've been sports about it, and I appreciate that. Much better than Motley Crue did at that Moscow drug farce with Bon Jovi. Geek Farm is a unique band. They write well crafted pop/punk songs and play them with all the zeal of your tech department when the server goes down. You can catch them at Kenny's Castaways this Sunday night.

6:00 brings us The Lost Patrol. I am pleased to be able to showcase this great act, which adds diversity as well as mood to TEDSTOCK. King of Reverb, and personal good friend of the late Bob Moog, Steve Masucci brings his band to lend a hand. You don't want to miss them.

Those who read this blog regularly know of George Vitray. I wouldn't dream of letting George get away with not playing TEDSTOCK. George has put together the Via Skyway Band, which features Mike and Dave from Microdot, my partner at Smoke and Mirrors - Chris, and Mr. Timex himself - Rob Machold. They will take the stage at 7 pm.

At 8:00 we get blessed by Microdot. Mike, Dave, and new drummer Joe, will play sweet melodic guitar pop infused with progressive chops. Think radio friendly Rush with no synth and a tenor vocalist. Well that's not Microdot, but thanks for playing along.

9:00 - The Horse You Rode In On is my triumph, my white whale, and my favorite band. Being that they haven't been a band, really, since 92, it is something of a miracle, for me, to have them perform at TEDSTOCK. Accompanying The Horse will be Blowin' Chunks, a Horn Section featuring John and Pete from Kablamachunk. Vaudvillian Funk Punk, good coke and cheap acid. You never know what you'll get, other than a real good time.

10:00 - #12 Rock and Roll Noodle. Ah, the Noodle. Again, regular readers have been following this ever unfolding story for some time. Happy Boy will not be reborn. I'm hoping that Kory's shoulder will be in enough working order that he can spin some CD's at TEDSTOCK, but as his seat behind the drums was filled by The Machold, well it's a whole new ballgame for Chris, Paul Daly (Acquiesce, Figo), and myself. We changed the set, about 50% of it, and will play as #12 Rock and Roll Noodle. You can call us The Noodle, or Noodle.

The X's will play at 11:00. John from the X's is a good friend from High School. Tony and I hadn't seen him for over 20 years. I've seen The X's three times now, and they are just plain damn good. Great tunes, great energy, great arrangements. They're great.

Gonna blindside you at midnite with some Hip Hop from Just One. He might bring his beat master Silk Sheets, or he may freestyle with a live band culled from previously mentioned personages.

Figo wraps it all up at 1:00 am. I gave this slot to them because I know they can handle it. Mere mortals could never hang that long. Figo got juice. Besides, if anything gets broken, we're done anyway.

So that's how it will work, I look forward to seeing you all. Get there early - see me sober!

Take me drunk, I'm home!

Sounds like it will be a great time. Can't wait to see The Horse again. Gets rare and rare as the years go by.

And as Ted said, the Lost Patrol should not be missed. I love Steve's playing.

And lastly, please do come see us (Geek Farm) at Kenny's Castaways on Sunday night at 10pm.
Oh, what size t-shirts are you having? May seem like a silly question, but I'm a small person.
You'll have to live with a medium.
I can live with medium.
I'd hate to be seen as a nuisance, but I was wondering will any of the acts be playing covers (Mott The Hoople and/or Ian Hunter for example), and will the event be recorded ? ...
Louis - we can't see you at all, it's the internet! Ha Ha! Anyway, nobody has of yet expressed the idea, but I know The Horse You Rode In On does 'Once Bitten Twice Shy'. I'll put the word out, who knows? We will record the show, so if any Ian/Mott is forthcoming, you will have access to it.
Once Bitten Twice Shy vaudevilian funk punk style, with a horn section !!!
I have got to have that !
I couldn't believe that version would be heard somewhere in the world and not get to my ears ...

Have a great 40th from a 50 something ! (I've been through it, although in a more subdued way, and I can tell the 40s are among the best years in life, along with the 20s and 30s ;o)
Any girl shirts? I'm little - a men's medium is a dress for me.
Luis - as you know, Geekfarm's repertoire includes interesting renditions of "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Just the Two of Us" and, by request only, "Freebird."
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