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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I recieved some bad news last night. Happy Boy drummer Kory Smith broke his clavicle in a biking accident on the Brooklyn Bridge. He will be out of commission for TEDSTOCK. The remainder of Happy Boy has three options, as I see it. 1) Drum machine. I'm not a big fan of this option because it doesn't allow for sponteneity. We'd be locked in to the programmed beat. We'd be tighter, but, to me, it just wouldn't feel right. 2) Chris plays drums. We have rehearsed this way, and it works, but that leaves me as sole guitar player, and that's a role I'm not all that comfortable with. I like having two guitars, I like having Chris' guitar to lean on when I'm singing. 3) Replacement drummer. I like this option the best, but it seems the least feasible. If we could, at this late date, get somebody to fill in, then that's the way I'd prefer to go. Rob Machold won't be available at all for a couple of weeks because he's out of the country, and when he does return, he's got George (Via Skyway) to deal with.

Know any drummers?

I guess Joeman is too busy?
Stumpy Joe Peeps maybe...
Joe Man doen't like Brooklyn. How many times have you seen him in Brooklyn? Has he even been to your new pad? Oh, wait, neither have I, better shut up now.
Machold, Machold, Machold, Machold, Machold.
Maybe the Happy Boy set should just morph into a Brain Shivers set instead. So far 2 of the 5 Boys are either injured or haven't rehearsed with us yet, and I don't think we're going to get many rehearsals in with a live drummer before Oct. 30.

We know the songs (mostly) and perhaps George will play bass or keys...
What happened to your bassist? Rob was it?
Paul is the Happy Boy bassist, but he's never played any of the Shivers songs - the bass on the record is done by George, myself, or Ted.
Well how many songs is it? If it really comes down to it, I can probably do it.
I want to play with Paul. I don't care what we play, but I want to play with him, playing with Paul was a big part of why I was into playing at TEDSTOCK to begin with. I think what I'm trying to say is that I'm of the mind to play with Paul.
Gotcha. I'd probably be too drunk by then anyway. But was it not Paul you were talking about who won't be there, besides Kory?
Rob Kendall has not, as yet, rehearsed with us, tonight was to be his first appearance. Paul has been putting in the hours with Chris and I, brushing the dust off the old tunes over the past month. I've had fun too. There will be a meeting with all involved tonight, so I guess we'll figure something out.
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