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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


There has beeen a line-up change.

Four Fellas
Geek Farm
Lost Patrol
Via Skyway
The Horse You Rode In On
Happy Boy
The X's
Just One

We're working on the design for the Posters/T-shirts which will be sold, and profits will go to AutismCares and a Gulf Coast disater relief organization that has yet to be determined. If anybody has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.

Sunday, October 30, 4pm
Trash Bar
Grand St
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Cool. You should have the year in there. And maybe have a little drop of shit from the bird on the top of the neck right under it.
The bird will be tweaked, I want it to be more blantantly enjoying a spliff.
i like the logo and the adjustments discussed are fine with me

but what happened to "the day of no peace" tagline

that was pure brilliance
If you are still looking for a Katrina related charity, may I suggest Voice of the Wetlands.


I went to see Tab Benoit at the Turning Point on my birthday. He is from Houma, LA. This charity was originally a Wetlands awareness organization that has morphed into a direct assistance for Katrina victims. He seemed very sincere and I fully trust that all the money will be distributed in an intelligent manner. He mentioned respectfully that although "I'm sure the Red Cross is doing a lot of good work, we haven't seen any Red Cross trucks in Houma." I'm pretty sure this charity will help those that are falling through the cracks.

Great show too. He did a sizzling cover of "These Arms of Mine."
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