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Friday, September 23, 2005


Well, as you may have heard, there will be no Happy Boy reunion at TESTOCK. We wish Kory a speedy recovery, but the show must go on. So, in Happy Boy's stead, we are happy to anounce that The Stones are going to take the Happy Boy time slot at TEDSTOCK. That's right, The Stones. Don't miss it!


This just in, The Stones will not be playing after all.

WANTED: Good goofy band name...
Colostamy and the Baguettes?
I can always count on you Ken. As awesomew as that name is, I beleiev we have settled on #12 Rock and Roll Noodle, at least Chris and I have, I haven't spoken to Paul yet, maybe we can get 'Him' to chime in here.
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