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Friday, September 09, 2005


I want it. Screw the platter, just the head. Yes, you heard me right. Call it a bounty, a contract, whatever, just bring me the man's head. I will not witness another year of this. Where's LT when you need him. His thing was knees, and I guess a knee'll do the job, but it's personal now. Last year I would have settled for a career ending knee injury, but now I just want his damn head.

For a while, at least through the 1st half my Raiders were in the game. Their defense ultimately gave up the game.
Why doen't he go off and fight in Iraq?
He calls himself a Patriot!
i guess you are fired up for football season

me too.

we'll be watching the jets at 1pm today
Being from Connecticut, there's always been a soft spot in my heart for the Pats. I realize that, as a Jets fan, my saying this is akin to saying "I like to eat newborn babies," but it's true (the Pats part, not the babies part).

I should hate them more than I do. But until recently there was very little to be happy about when it came to sports in New England. Now, of course, their cup runneth over, what with the Pats, Sox, and UConn men's and women's basketball.

But hey, we had to deal with the Whalers for so long...

Anyhow, go Jets.
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