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Friday, September 23, 2005



Everybody loves these on-line quizzes, right? No? Shut up and do it.

Tony came up a Social and Economic Moderate, best described as a Centrist. He was also told : 'You exhibit a very well-developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.'

I agree with that assessment, though it generalizes Tony. Which is sort of my point, but before I get into that, here's how I fared:

I'm a Social and Economic Liberal, and I am best described as a Socialist. Apparently, along with Tony, I exhibit a very well developed sense of Right and Wrong and believe in economic fairness.

What's in a name? My name is socialist, Tony's is centrist, but apparently we believe, and act the same way.

Generalizations always let the individual down, in general. Generally speaking, that is.

Hey guys, I hate these kinds of quizes but I was really intrigued by your post so I took it.

Turns out I'm a social liberal (83% permissive--I thought I was more permissive than that), an economic moderate, and best described as a strong Democrat. That's probably exactly how I would have described myself in this context. (Of course I have the seemingly inevitable well-developed sense of right and wrong and a belief in economic fairness, so either we're all moralists or that part of the quiz is not particularly meaningful.)

Obviously you guys don't think and act the same way at least politically, but you ARE friends, so maybe there is something to the basic underpinning of a belief in fairness and right vs. wrong, even if there's no specific agreement about what is right and what is wrong.
Hey, let's argue about that! I think it's right to slam Bush every chance I get, I also think it's right to rail against the President.
You'll get no complaints from me on either of those scores!
The "Who Are You" quiz reminds me of those folded paper things you made in grade school that fit over your fingers that you work back and forth to some cadence and have little questions on them.

You've never been more right Jason.

I’m actually way more socially permissive than my score indicates. Mrs. Alva is constantly harping on me for giving my daughter too many Dum Dum lollipops as a reward for picking up all her toys before bed, not to mention the excessive amount of food I give Fiona Fat Belly the cat. “Do you have any sense of restraint Mr. Alva, we’ll be in the poor house if you keep that up.” Yes, in the poorhouse with a kid with cavities and a very hungry and very fat cat.

Oh yeah, I gotta come clean here, I made one of those folded paper thingies at work just yesterday. Man I gotta find a new job...
I'm a Socialist (shocker). Socially Liberal (65% permissive)and Economically Liberal (13% permissive)..... AND 64% SLUTTY.
I guess I always fell on the other 36% of your Slutty factor.
That's because I respect you too much.
"What's wrong with being social?"

"That's socialist, Nigel."

This quiz was ridiculous. You could really feel the four different types of questions being asked, each of which fitted into one of four quadrants on the chart. They could have done it with one question:

1. circle which you are:
a. democrat with a sense of self righteousness
b. republican with a sense of self righteousness
c. republican except when it comes to things you still want to be liberal about so you can have some fun
d. 64% slutty
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