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Monday, October 31, 2005


Chris played in 3 bands not two.

Microdot's 'Left Of The Dial' was the best song played at TEDSTOCK.

The Horse brought the complete show, the Blowin' Chunks horn section - the twelve minute intro to 'Monkey Love'. I have been telling people for years that they were the best band ever, now at least some people know what I'm talking about.

All the bands were great. My apologies to Just One and Silk Sheets - we got to work out the segue from live rock sound to hip hop for the next STOCK, but just the same, Just One threw down the flow like nobody's business- except his own of course.

John Law of The X's gets the True Grit award for playing with a broken leg. Chris from the X's is fast becoming my favorite guitar player. Everytime I see them they are better than the last - and the first time I saw them I was blown away.

Thanks to Figo and Geek Farm for taking the shitty time slots. We only hurt the ones we love.

Thanks to Rich and Cheryl from NYFAC for coming down. We didn't sell a whole lot of shirts (yet - I'm working on a new package - shirt/cd deal), but the door brought in a good chunk of change, and I saw at least one check get cut directly to NYFAC - NICE! ( I know who you are )

Thanks to James Vitray and Crazy Dave for helping schlep.

Lastly, thanks to all who traveled from afar; Mr. and Mrs. Alva (Big Time helpers as well), and My Mom and Dad.

Mostly, though I have to thank my two brothers and their lovely wives who supported TEDSTOCK not only with their financial contributions, but for getting the ball rolling way back in July.

I promise I won't turn 40 again....at least not very soon. I only wish I had had more time to spend with all the people who came. It was a bit overwhelming. Maybe Michele Berke had the right idea of having 40 parties, each on a small scale with a select group of friends. Problem is, as those who know me would attest - I don't do small.

Oh yeah! I want to thank those who helped get the gear back to the studio at 4 in the morning - I don't really remember much of that time, but I can see that it did happen. Whew!

As much pain as I am in, as much of a hassle organizing, loading in, and loading out was, I'm planning on doing more of these......Who's birthday is next? Chris and Paul both have birthdays in the coming months.

Hmm, June 1 I'll be 34. Is 34 anything for celebration?
Ken, you'll always be 17 in my mind.
Yeah, probably to Joeman too.

I don't have any pics from there handy, but this is from a year later if you want to remember visually: http://unix.vi/me/18.jpg .
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