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Monday, October 24, 2005


The Jets have a bye, and the Giants play the early game. By the time The Four Fellas hit the satge at 4:30, football will be over for the day.

Not that the Falcons performed to stellar levels, but the Jets looked awful. The Birds should have blown them out. I left at the end of the third qtr expecting a huge score upon waking, discovered instead that the Jets kept them from scoring and put one in the endzone themselves. If the Flacons want to be a Superbowl contender they will have to beat teams that they are supposed to beat (Jets, Saints, etc…) by margins worthy of the stature. I did not see that last night.

That Kearny guy we’ve got on our defensive line is as big, mean, and full of steroids as any white man can get…
The problem with the Jets is obviously in the offensive line - 3 broken QB's.

The Falcons look good, and they'll look good when they lose in the post season.

It's Big Blue time again.
I guess that's just another cool thing about New York, you've got a backup plan when your football team is in the tank.
In teh modern world it's best to have two of everything.
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