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Monday, October 03, 2005


Six words - She has never been a judge

Three words - White House Councel

Two words - W's bitch

One word - Idiot

This is my friend's theory: "my theory is that she is a throwaway nominee...Bush knows the Dems will fight her to the bitter end and then Bush and the republicans will say the Dems are "obstructionists" and for the real nominee they'll put in someone who is actually qualified but a complete right-wing whacko and force him down our throats"
Sounds like a typical GOP ploy.....
More importantly-

Is "W's" actually a word?
hazmat's friend's theory is the best I've heard so far. I think she looks like Tammy Faye Bakker w/out as much make up.

Check out the article on The Nation


Now I'm off to my 2nd job....
Chris and I discussed it last night, and though I'm not sure he's convinced, 'W's' is a word.
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