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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ich bin, hoere mich brullen Deutsch.

That's right I'm German. What of it? Does that make me a monster? Am I more susceptible to evil?

On Fred's recent post about Terror and Iraq and Safety, I engaged in a blogument. I got into it with some hawks, I called Bush an Imp and everybody who voted for him an idiot. It must be true because they got real upset about it. Very touchy that lot, as if they know they made the HUGE BLUNDER, but can't admit it. Poor souls. Anyway, this led to that, as it does, and epiphets started coming out, and in one instance, a guy, Helmar, who's views I do not defend, was written off with the statement - he's German. Well he isn't. He's South African. Most likely, Helmar, like me, is a descendant of a German immigrant. My problem is that our German-ness is of no consequence. I'm tired of this underlying tag that goes with having German ancestry. I am proud to be German. Proud of Schnitzel and Gruben, Spaetzle and Sauerbraten. I am proud of the BEST beer in the world, the nicest cars, and one of the greatest bands to ever play rock and roll, yes, the Scorpions. I am proud of castles on lakes, alpine cloisters, and the autobahn.

One mass murdering fuck-head, and they won't leave us alone. Sheesh!

In closing; Don't Fear the Reeperbahn!

I don't think the guy had anything against Germans, Ted. He was just pointing out the lack of self awareness on Helmar's part. In some of Helmar's earlier comments he was very critical - maybe even abusive - of Americans for the role that the US plays in world affairs - as if there was something we could do about it (in fact, there was some comment putting down Americans for not doing anything). He was able to build himself up as something other and cast some heavy stones. K's point (as I interpreted) was basically where the hell do you come off? You're German. He shouldn't blame American people for what the US government does anymore than we should blame Helmar for the bad things Germany has done. Helmar softened his blows after that.
To be factual here, I believe Helmer is a German living in South Africa. I remember him from comments when Fred was in country on holiday last year. He was the one that was pining for the days of apartheid.
Yeah, Helmar is on whatever crack that German expatriots who live in South Africa smoke, but my point is the reference was 'Oh, well he's a German', like Germans are fine with mass murder. Well, hey man, have a Paulaner and mellow out. Like try a bockwurst with mustard and shut up. We get it. Hitler was bad. And I'll say what I always say in times like this; Hitler was Austrian! And a vegetarian! Sheeesh!
Hey man, watch what you say about the Austrians. Hitler may have been Austrian, but it was as a German that he did his damage.

Austrians, as well all know, are as pure as a virgin snow, except for Arnold.
Was Hitler really a vegetarian?
Hitler was a vegetarian. And a doo doo head.
I never saw that on the Hitler Channel.... I mean the History Channel.
I just realized you used the word "blogument" on your blog.

Alert Will Safire.
You fucking alert fucking Will Fucking Safire whoever the fuck he fucking is.
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