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Friday, October 14, 2005



This is the site that links to the comment on my James Bond post by the 'Gay is not Cool' guy. If it weren't so sick it'd be funny. Hate is not cool. Sodomy is much cooler than hate. I think God would rather me suck a few dicks than hate those who do. I'm going to wait for God to let me know before I act on this, because I'm more into tacos than dick right now. Just because I'm not personally into dick, doesn't mean it's not cool. Like, I don't get the whole Coldplay thing, but hey, if people like it, who am I to say it's not right.

Holy Crap! literally!

That site scares me. Did you happen to read how Katrina was God's wrath on New Orleans!

This guy makes Harley Republican sound like an alright guy.

I've always thought that extremely homophobic people are in fact closet cases. So maybe this dude is Harley Republican's forbidden lover.

Would that make them "Log Cabin Republicans"?

It's tought to even joke about this site, because this site is not a joke.

Many people base their anti-gay beliefs on bible verses. They fail to understand that the Bible was not written in english - It has been translated, and re translated and re translated again!

For all we know, when the bible refers to Homosexual love, they are referring to Reagan Republicans!

anyway, that was a scary comment.
Yeah, it's the good old Fred Phelps led WBC. Truly an evil bunch using Scripture to spread hatred. Practically a neo-Nazi group.

These are the people that go to funerals of people who die of AIDS to preach about the sin of homosexuality. This group - who are happy God is killing people in New Orleans and soldiers in Iraq - is made of mostly of Fred Phelps' children and family members. They are most definitely not a joke.

It's funny, if I believed in God I'd believe that this group is actually an embodiment of Satan, a group of False Prophets sent to torment God's children.

But since I don't, I guess they're just a bunch of crazy freaks.
By the way, Ted, if a marine is sucking your dick, that doesn't mean YOU'RE gay.
It's not gay if you wear a condom.
mmmmmmarine! Yummy!
That dude has no idea how identical his beliefs are to what the Taliban preach. I've never quite figured out why either of these zealot groups give a crap so much about what other people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. I won't smoke bolognas in order to show my solidarity with my gay friends, but I’ll support their cause in any other way I can.

I DO believe in a God though, just think man has fucked it all up trying to coop him. My litmus test to anyone attempting to court my allegiance to any particular faith is to ask them, “Have you read any other religious or philosophical text other than the Bible?” If the answer in no, I tell them that I’m not really interested, but my neighbor would love to hear all about your church. Then I watch out my window as they knock on his door and get a nasty “Fuck off!”

Good for a laugh every time!
It's not gay if you close your eyes and pretend it is Liza Minelli doing the sucking.

Wait, yes it is.
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