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Saturday, October 15, 2005


[French, from Greek msanthrpos, hating mankind : mso-, miso- + anthrpos, man.]

That is the name of Dave Cavlier's blog. Dave is the guitar player in Microdot, as well as a frequent visitor to Smoke and Mirrors, and a TEDSTOCK participant. Apparently he also hates mankind - cool. I'm blogging Dave's blog because he's had it for a while, and somehow I missed out on that fact. I guess I don't read sidebars, because the link to his blog has been on the sidebar of Chris' blog for some time as well. I did click on Dave's name a few times as it appeared at the end of a comment, but it never brought me to his blog. Sometimes Blogger.com doesn't pass you through, at least on my Mac it's kind of buggie. Anyway, a belated welcome to Dave into the blog world. I am now going to read his blog for the very first time, I hope it's good.....

It's not so good. Save yourself the pain.

Listening to Microdot, however, is like reliving your first kiss over and over and over.
Sounds about right, being that my first kiss was very embarrasing moment in my early development.

If Jackson READ MY BLOG he'd have seen my link to Dave's Blog a long time ago, because we all know that I POST LINKS.

Incidently, I knew a guy named DAVE BLOG at the DAILY SHOW (I'm sure he still works there). I've mentioned this before but he was the FIRST BLOG I KNEW, way before any of this internet crap.
I'd read your blog if it wasn't total crap. Nary a taco mentioned anywhere on it - worthless!
I think what I have to say about tacos is better left unsaid.
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