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Monday, October 03, 2005


The following is my auto reply to blogspam. Every dirty shitty blogspammer will recieve this message:

"You dirty shitty blogspammer! You fuck, you fucker! Blog Spammer! Blog Spammer! Don't fucking come near my blog with your dirty shitty fucking blog fucking spam again you dirty shitty blogspammer!"

That'll learn 'em, huh?

Hey, great blog!

Just kidding. I, too, got solicited by the Guitar Teaching Genius and someone with a very interesting blog about Bankruptcy in New York, which is mostly about Bankruptcy in New York (like I need to know more about that, I'm living it every day).
"For the rest of your life, YOU will be center of attention, whenever you pick up a guitar at a party, at home or perhaps even in a band. YOU will be sexier - everyone loves people who can play guitar!"

From the Jamorama website (aka Guitat Teaching Genius)
...and be a jukebox hero, got stars in his eyes.
I can't believe Tony Alva just quoted Foriegner (Foreigner? I can't get a handle on how to spell that word, it never looks right).

...cats and dogs sleeping together.
That's Foreigner? I thout it was Cicero, or maybe Guy De Maupassant.
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