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Friday, October 07, 2005


How do like the snazzy new look? It's all due to Mr. Hue. Muchas Gracias Senior Hue. In other news; I made a special new podcast, it's called 'sixteen'. Everybody will hate it. Have a nice day.

Excellent, Ted. I looked up Rose Tattoo. I think that Angry Anderson being credited on the early records as "Throat" instead of "Vocals" is fucking perfect.
how do i set up my itunes to listen to your poddcast?
I don't understand this stuff.
Nor do I, but hopefully somebody here can work it out for you

There's a rss feed, it's an orange button, that does something to put it in your itunes, but I've never done it myself. I got no ipod.
In its current form, I don't think this podcast can be used in iTunes. You need to generate some RSS feed for iTunes to be able to use it. If you go to the Podcast section in iTunes, it will tell you how to publish your podcast. Podblaze's site also has information.

You COULD, however, make it available as an MP3, which will of course be playable through iTunes.
That's strange...I'll look into it.
correction with podblaze you can!

if you drag the orage button into your itunes, you will be in business.

Good show
Thanks Genius Podhead Dude!
Cool! Thanks, Genius Podhead Dude!
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