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Monday, October 24, 2005


As Hurricane Vilma descends upon Atlanta tonight, I will say only that it's not personal, and if Mike Vick survives tonight's game intact, well, then he deserves to have a good season. If he survives.

I didn't make a pick for the KC/Miami game, but we all know I'd NEVER pick Miami - unless they play the Pats. I won't count it as a win, but I will bask in the defeat of the Fish.

Detroit wakes up and beats Cleveland - ouch.

Minnesota wakes up, and beats Green bay - despite idiot coach Mike Tice. Sorry Hue. That makes two in the loss column for me.

St. Louis beats New Orleans. Double ouch.

Arizona over Tennessee! I lose, but who cares, it's huge!

Indy beat Houston, not so soundly, but a win for Jackson anyway.

Pittsburgh beats Cincinnati. Cinderella turns pumpkin as predicted.

Philly beats San Diego. There is only one LT, and he ain't a running back.

Washington soundly beat up tennis pro led 49ers.

Seattle over Dallas - yay.

Chicago over Baltimore.

Oakland over Buffalo.

Giants over Denver - a win is a win!

8 and 4 going into tonight's defensive suppression of the Falcons by the best defense in all of christiandom.

We shall see my friend...

I've got a nasty cold, but am determined to get down to the dome and enjoy the game from one of our venodor's lux suites.

Worst case, I get a bunch of rich people sick with whatever I have.
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