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Saturday, October 08, 2005


Baltimore at Detroit - who cares - I'll take Detroit at home. They are both 1 - 2. Again, who cares?

Chicago at Cleveland. Da Browns.

Miami at Buffalo. Buffalo wins this one. It's getting chilly upstate, and it'll probably rain, but mostly because of the aqua and orange that Miami sports.

New England gets whooped by ATL. New England continues decline as Jets fans weep because it can't help this year.

New Orleans at Green Bay. Now, I've picked Brett to dig down and find a win and he hasn't, so I'm gonna pick the Saints, my number three team, with the knowledge that this time, Brett will probably get it done.

Seattle gets it done in St. Louis.

Jets win! (They are playing Tampa at home, but what does it matter? I'll pick 'em to win anyway, and they'll lose anyway.) Who's QB? Fouts?

Tennessee at Houston. Does anybody care?

Indianapolis at San Fran. Indy. If it was the Wimbleton I'd pick SF.

Carolina wins in Az.

Philly wins in Dallas. They will be unstoppable this year, sorry Mr. Vick, not just yet.

Washington wins in Denver.

Cincinnati wins again in Jacksonville. They won't win the big show though.

I'm picking Pittsburgh on account of me liking them more than San Diego, but SD could well win this one.


AFC East - Sonny Jurgensen joins Jets and takes them to a conference title. (I just can't verbalize what will actually happen)

AFC North - Cincinnati takes conference. Pittsburgh advances somehow, and will lose early.

AFC South - Jacksonville makes a run, but Indy takes it. (How, exactly, is Indianapolis in the south?)

AFC West - San Diego without difficulty.

NFC East - Philly wins division, let alone this silly little conference. Giants eek into playoffs, look for big postseason showdown between these two in Philly (naturally).

NFC North - Nobody, NFL boots entire conference.

NFC South - Man, it's so hard to say. I can see any of these teams going post season. My heart is in N.O. so there I go.

NFC West - Seattle.

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