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Monday, October 10, 2005


Jets win! Holy Crap! JETS JETS JETS!

Vinnie! I felt so.....normal watching you play Sunday. Welcome back. You are exactly as I remember you. I can handle this.

The Jets have the best defense in the league, so as long as Vinnie only throws one INT per game, and Ronde Barber hits a Ref every game, they'll be fine.

Detroit wins! (I still don't really care, but I take the win)
Da Browns! (Cleveland Rocks, of course)
Go Buffalo!
Seattle gets it done in St. Louis!
Indy beats tennis pro led 49'ers!
Carolina wins in AZ!

Thanks to the crappy Falcons, New England has a winning record. I smell a dive. Cheney paid Vick.
So I was right about Favre, but I don't get the win. This is how I get to be both right and wrong.
Dallas crushes Philly! Huge, I lose and I'm so happy! If Dallas neutralizes Philly - big year for Big Blue?
Washington does not win in Denver :(
Jacksonville beats Cincinnati.

As I type, Sand Diego has come from behind, and now lead 16 - 14. There's 10 minutes left. Oh shit, Hines Ward just caught a 30 yard pass - good game. Radio is good for some things.

I don't care who wins.

Pittsburgh Scores! 21-16! I forgot who I picked, oh yeah - The Steelers!

Oh Shit, Dan Diego's in the red zone! TD! Missed conversion! 22 - 21 Chargers!

Ben Roethlisberger is out! Hyper extended left knee?

10 seconds left, Steelers FG unit comes out. 40 yard attempt..........

Time outs on radio suck.....

The Kick is Good! 24 - 22 Steelers......6 seconds left......Shut Up Boomer! Fucking Esiason - I hate him.


I go 8 -5.

All that technology there at S&M and your streaming radio? How very Amish of you. The Steelers game was fantastic. Had to stay up and watch the whole thing. Roethlisberger's knee thing had Theismann potential, but it held up. It was definately bending in the wrong direction.
I wasn't streaming the game, sheesh!

I have a clock radio, never out of date!
Yes, we actually use 20th Century technology at Smoke and Mirrors.

Turns out there are programs floating through the airwaves, completely free of charge, with sports, music, talk, news, the weather... all you need is a cheap little box!

Hi-Fi, the original Wi-Fi.

I love listening to football, basketball, and baseball on the radio. You'll notice how Jackson was not only able to follow the game, but could do something else at the same time, like write in his blog.

Isn't technology wonderful?

Isn't life fantastic?
While he was blogging he also mixed the House of Blondes sessions through the speaker (singular tense) of his clock radio:>)
Great Idea....
Indy beats tennis pro led 49'ers!

That is some funny shit.
This 'Tim Rattay' - is that NOT a tennis name? And he looks like a fuckin pansy tennis dude.
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