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Monday, October 03, 2005


Okay, so Seattle (my number four), The Jets (my number one), and Jacksonville lost. I think we all knew the Jet's would lose, and we all knew they'd somehow stay in the game and make the loss watchable for us, as they always do, and that's why I love 'em.

New Orleans over Buffalo!

San Diego get's big win over the Evil Empire (New England)!

Cincinnati! What is going on out there in Ohio? Yeah, Houston's an easy win, but 4 and 0 baby!

Indy over Tennessee, a win for me, but who cares....

Tampa over Detroit, see above.

How about the New York Football Giants? It seems Eli arrived, finally. Hmmm, the long ball in New York, doesn't seem right, but I'm in anyway. Whoop de doo for my number 2!

Oakland gets a win!

ATL over the Vikes. I'll take the win, thanks.

Philly racks up another win over KC. Soon I'll hate Philly as much as I hate the Pats and the Fish - you guessed it, call me when you get it together Herm, it's all about the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS this season.

What can I say - no kidnapping in Mexico City. I watched part of this sorry game. Who's this McCown guy? I can't even remember the name of the SF QB, he looked like a tennis player, which in football terms is like saying he looked queer, and he did. Both teams have suck offense, and killer D. Boring, I already have the Jets for that.

It was an unexpectedly great weekend for me. The Falcons had an easy win over NOT Hue's boys the Vikings without Vick, the Maryland beat number 16 Virginia and looked good doing it, I won the football pool after being informed that I lost in a tie breaker, walked eighteen on a gorgeous Sunday and had three pars and a birdie at East Lake’s PGA tour championship course (still shot a 101 but who cares I had a birdie), my Raiders won, I’m married to the love of my life, I’ve got the cutest daughter in the entire world, but best of all...

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