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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Trash Bar has a turntable, actually two. You can forget about hearing YOUR favorite record at TEDSTOCK. (Insert evil laugh here)

Initial contenders:

Rose Tattoo
UFO (Strangers)
Powerage (AC/DC)
Jailbreak (Lizzy)
Paul's Boutique
Ace of Spades (Motorhead)
High n' Dry (Leppard)
Sabatoge (Sabbath)
Doggy Style
Hell Bent For Leather (Priest)

heee hee hee hee

I don't have Doggy Style on vinyl.
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How 'bout some Angel Witch or Waysted? I'm certain you have those on vinyl. You must command the turntables during this event. Nothing but Ted vinyl. There will be some evil forces that will attempt to throw some Coldplay or Radiohead on, but you must be vigilant Ted.
I second the OH HELLS YEAH

so I take it you didn't find Sabbath Vol. 4?

I'm still on the call back list at "Know Name Records" for that LP.

Jailbreak... damn, now I have to rip through my garage and find my Thin Lizzy...

I'm sure my wife will again be cursing your name because I'll be looking for records instead of getting all the shit ready for the new baby... But the kids need to hear Phil and boys... there is a lot for them to learn.- now that I think of it, I have the live album too!

If this new baby is anything like the first ones, They cried all the time until I realized they just wanted the stereo turned up really loud.

great list.. i'm listening to Ramones' "Too Tought To Die" as I write this - I love their version of Street Fighting Man.
Rock on.
No need to worry about "Doggystyle," that one's covered.

"Animals" as well.

I don't think we have to worry about Coldplay. Radiohead, however, is a great band.

Ted, are you going to have to go back to Rockland to get said vinyl?
I can provide "Zen Arcade," "New Day Rising" and "Flip Your Wig" on vinyl, if necessary.
Rock on.
Great, I only posted that twice? Blogger was hiccupping.

Husker Du would be very cool.
Well, yes I am going back to Rockville er Rockland, also because I need some classic Ted stagewear as well. since Via Skyway is at S&M tonite, I figured I'd fuck off today, and return this eve jsut as you guys finnish so I can cry with you.

Though I did the DU, it's my party, and any number of records trump Mr. Mould and friends.

I'm thinking The Replacements 'Tim' also needs to be there.

Vol. 4 is a good call, Hue, I did get it on 80 gram vinyl recently.
Finnish should be finish and did should be dig.

Chris, if you got's Doggy Style on vinyl - coolie cool. I think I'm going to use my 20 year old copy of Animlas, I know where all the pops are.
"...Radiohead, however, is a great band."

Not as great as Angel Witch and Waysted.
Husker Du and Replacements would be very cool...

If I can't make it at least Minneapolis would be well represented...

And again..

"Waysted" certainly has a cool name.

Another actual band name - Oriface

We recorded some drums for this band, who were being produced by one of our neighbor studios.
Are you saying that Angelwitch isn't a good name?
I only wish I had that Angelwitch record still, I have looked around, can't find it. Thank God I still have that Tank record! Or do I? Egads! To think of all the lost classics I once had - M80, Icon, Anvil. These are the bands that make Saxon and Accept, well, acceptable.
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