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Monday, October 10, 2005


I recasted my latest podcast. There was a podcast called 'SickStock' which contained a song I shouldn't have used. There's now a podcast called 'Tedstock' which includes two of the same songs, but I switched up on the Via Skyway and Just One tunes. You will also find all four sides of the Smoke and Mirrors version of The Wall by Pink Floyd. More to come.

Aw shit, did Ted get busted for freely distributing music for which he does not own the copyright?

Absolutely. I called Chan first, but he was awol for two days, so I went ahead. Then he called, so I took it down.
This could turn into a discussion of content, copyright, and legal/moral issues faced by people like us (ie, podcasters), but maybe we should just skip it.
immoral issues are much more fascinating
So should I destroy the CD I burned of that show?

Maybe I'll wait and sell it on Ebay.
I think you can hold onto it Hue.
But he does have to destroy the computer used to burn the disk.
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