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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Okay, here's the concept, but I need you to make it work. What I want is to have as many different people as possible shoot the show, and give me the footage. If you have camcorder, digi, vhs, whatever. Stills - YES - lots of stills. Bring your camera, I'll try and supply as many disposables as I can, but being socialists, we're not very wealthy. Also, I want varied quality and format. Think hodgepodge. It's gonna be great. Johnny Depp said he'd be in on it. I swear.

If I bought you a bunch of disposable cameras, would you have the means to have it all developed? Or would you rather stick to relying on people bringing digital cameras?
How 'bout a bunch of disposable digital cameras?
Speaking as an 'aspiring to be better than amateur' photographer, digital is the way to go. Your going to want the option to manipulate/enhance/edit photos. You could have the photos from regular disposables put on CD, but that gets pricey.
we have access to a scanner, but the main pain is getting them developed, and I'm guessing that's what Mrs. Alva is saying, that in todays market one can go to the fotolab and have the images put on Cd. I don't want to pay for anything, so we'll see what happens.
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