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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


T-Shirts have been ordered. I ordered 100 - 20 xl, 60 large, and 20 medium. If you are coming to the show, please purchase them there. If you want a shirt, but can't make the show (Sunday, October 30th, Williamsburg, Brooklyn), I have set up an e-mail account (tedstock.tshirt@gmail.com), and you can send me an e-mail telling me how many, what size, and where to ship to. I'm happy to do this, but I only want to go to Fed Ex once, so I am going to wait until after I have sold all the shirts I can at TEDSTOCK, and then do another run to fill out my orders. At that point I will send you an e-mail asking you to send $15.00 to my Pay Pal account (you will have the option to pay by check or money order). About half of your money will go directly to an organization here in New York, NYFAC, that helps families deal with Autism.

I've kinda latched on to this Autism Benefit, and I think that I will do more shows, and that I'm gonna stick it out with Autism. There is a massive financial aspect, care for an Autistic child is very expensive, and can easily bankrupt a family, but there's the educational challenge as well, and that means us. We need to be more educated about it. That is why I'm jazzed about the TEDSTOCK/Autism tie in, because we can hit both fronts of this battle at the same time, and with Rock and Roll.

I used a neighborhood source for the t-shirts. The guys from Acquiesce hipped me to Polluted Eyeball. It turns out we're neighbors. Maybe they told me that, but you tend to forget a lot when you hang out with Brett, Dan and Paul. Anyway, I think it's cool that I'm keeping it in the hood. I'm using local bands (mostly) who have recorded with us here at Smoke and Mirrors (mostly), the Trash Bar is one block west, Polluted Eyeball - a block south, and the veggie portion of the TEDSTOCK menu will come from a local restaurant.

I'm also glad I chose the small business man. Fred and I scoped out Cafe Press and Zazzle for the t-shirts, but not only do they not do black (eeeek!), but they were more expensive. The convenience they offer via their on-line service is very attractive. I wouldn't have to do any shipping, Hue wouldn't have to post any images, BUT, I wouldn't have gotten to shake on a deal. I met Peter at Polluted Eyeball, I went to his shop, I saw where he makes the shirts. That is the big one, He Makes The Shirts. I'd rather support Peter, that some faceless web presence. I don't think web based business will ever be able to offer the kind of customer support I get with Peter a block away.

Can I find a software company like that?

So Ted, you're saying we should post T-Shirt orders as comments on your blog?
No, rent one of those Big Sign Cars, post your order on the sign, then drive around my block a bunch.
Knowing families that are dealing with autism and the struggles they face, I commend you on your efforts to help such a worthy cause. My curiousity wants to know - what made you choose autism? I think if people knew why this cause is important to you, it may help influence them to purchase T-shirts and spread the word.
I mentioned this in an email to Ted, but the more ears the merrier. I think you should record the whole show and make CDs for sale after the fact, for even more money for the cause. Might be cool to make mixed CDs with all the bands, as well as entire CDs of each band's performance. I'd probably want to have the whole Horse show. And it's always nice to have recording of my own band's shows.
We are currently working on several proposals for recording the liver performances.

Because we're looking at around 8-9 hours of live music, we're going to need a system with some serious storage. I'm still kicking around some ideas.

Based on interest, I think we could offer a compilation CD and CD's of individual performances. What do the participant band members think?
What the hell is a liver performance?

My liver will be performing quite hard before, during, and after the event.
Well I can safely say that Geek Farm will all be into it.
Ted, can we make this a Liver benefit too?
Mine could do with a little help.
1. Yes, livers will be working quite hard that day/night.

2. For 10 hours of uncompressed music, you would need 6 gigs of space, no? If I'm right, that's not a lot of space.
In terms of recording live, I will likely take 2 room mics and a stereo feed from the board.

What is the standard for 16 bit, around a meg a minute?

So, figure 240MB an hour, I suppose.

2400 megs for 10 hours; 24 gigs? Is that right?

Not a TON of space, but depending on how we record it's significant. I do not have a mobile unit with firewire, so I'll likely go with a hard disk based system (eg VS880ex), so there are limitations on how much storage can be online.
Raw audio is about 10 megs per minute. So if one hour is about 600 megs, then 10 hours should be about 6 gigs, right? Am I not calculating correctly somewhere?

Do you know anyone with a PowerBook or something you can use for recording? If you have an external hard drive, there you go.
Did some research, getting around 10.5 MB a minute for 44.1/16 bit Stereo.

So that's 21MB/minute for 4 tracks (I'm doing 2 mics and a feed from the board).

1260MB per hour (1.26 GB)

Around 12.5 GB total.

Don't know where I got the meg a minute thing.

Anyhow, if someone would like to donate a Powerbook with a 4 channel audio interface for the day, that'd be great. Recording direct to firewire is a little freaky, however, but 4 tracks at a time might be OK. Don't know.

Otherwise, VS880!
Oh, ok. I was thinking stereo. So that works out to what I was thinking too, x2. Start asking around. I'm sure many music people whould have the equipment you need.
Oh, 1 meg per minute is 128 kbps audio. Maybe that's what you were thinking. Or just cut off a 0.

To answer Mrs. Alva first, I came to the Autism cause via Hue Mooksuki who has an autistic son. Fortunately he is the only person I know directly affected, but I don't get out much.

Ken. Sure let's make cd's. Let's be clear, there's alot of music being recorded (stereo is 2 tracks Ken, that's how 6 gig becomes 12), so it will take a lot of sorting. Chris and I will do our best, but to suggest we make 11 albums (one for each band and a best of) is way too much mixing for this guy.

If a band is so enamoured with their set that they want to pay us to make their live record, great. Our rates are 35 dollars an hour.
I have to say that your efforts are very nobel. My biggest regret is the fact I will miss this event... I do have a good excuse, we are having our 3rd (and final) child via c-section on November 1st.

The Autism cause is very touching, my 3 year old son, Max is living with Autism. 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with Autism. Early intervention is the key, but it comes at a cost.

First, you loose one income (unless you can afford special needs daycare, or a private nurse). This forces one parent to get a minimum of 2 jobs (currently I have 3). You go to college and get a job and think those bar-tending days are behind you... guess who's still slinging drinks, and hocking computers at the mall???

Second, the therapy out there isn't covered by most insurance companies. One problem is, because The autism spectrum is so wide ranged, there is not a "one treatment fits all" solution. Insurance companies love this fact because they can proof that one therapy which may be effective for my son, might do nothing for a child with more severe issues.

Ted hits the nail on the head when he says education is key - The more people who know what kind of struggles families like mine face - More can be done to fix the problems.

I'm lucky, my wife has her Masters Degree in Early Childhood special education for kids with Special Needs. She has devoted her life to working with kids and families facing Autism even before our son was born. Max is a pretty lucky kid to have her on the team.

NYFAC is an awesome organization that focuses on helping the FAMILIES. Autism not only affects the person with the diagnosis, it affects the parents not to mention the siblings. In a lot of cases it forces kids to grow up quicker than normal. For instance, my 2 year old daughter has taken the role of the older sister and key advocate for her brother. As much as it is touching, it's sad to see her forced to be the care giver.

My hat goes off to you Ted, thank you so much for your efforts. I also thank the blogosphere which is responsible for my meeting Ted and his band of friends.

Although I haven't met you face to face, I consider you one of my good friends.

Put me down for a couple CDs...

Thanks Again - Now I'm off to my 2nd job ;)

Well said, Hue. I'm happy to at least be playing at the event, bringing in people.

Ted: I understand about your time and money, but I would happily pay $10 for a CD of the Horse set for example.
Btw, sorry, I guess I don't know all that goes into recording.

But, Eric has been talking about a live recording, so if you're recording the whole show anyway, we should talk about having you put it together as an album or something, paying you of course.

But then again it's your birthday party, so whatever works for you. I'm just happy to be playing the event. It's gonna be a blast.
I'll bring my Studio Projects mic for a stereo pair with yours if you'd like. I'll help out in any way you need me to as far as making the recording happen. Just yell.

Your third Nov. 1st!!! Holy shit. I think you'll need to keep your bartending job for more than just the additional income. Good luck my friend. Sorry we'll miss you at Tedstock.
Another Scorpio, y'know Hue, Edward Mooksuki has a nice ring to it, Ted for short of course....
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