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Monday, October 03, 2005


Enough of the Nuggets for me, they are all Nuggets. I'm going back to simply blogging about cool stuff, and quite often that is an old record.

'What's This For...!' is Killing Joke's sophomore effort from 1981, and I just bought it on CD at Virgin. Guess what? That's right; I love this record. Killing Joke is the Sabbath of Industrial, in that it all begins with their first release, 1980's 'Killing Joke', which spawned the notorious single 'The Wait', which was brought world attention by being covered by Metallica. It is their second record, however, that leans heavier on the machine gun drum vibe that Al Jourgensen would use to such great effect with Ministry. Indeed, Killing Joke is ground zero for a multitude of heavy music spin off genres. The drumming of Martin Atkins is tribal in it's ferocity and equally robotic in it's trance like repetition. Call him the human loop. Crazy distorted synths build on chainsaw guitars, repeat the hook, who needs verses! Oh, I gotta stop writing and submit to the music, bye.....

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