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Friday, October 14, 2005


Daniel Craig, blond and blue eyed, is the new James Bond. Whoever makes these decisions is no Bond fan. Is anything sacred? What's next? A blond Superman? The Story Of Miles Davis starring Kenny G? This is worse than Tom 'not gay' Cruise as the Vampire Lestat.

Your anti-blonde rants have gone on enough.

As a blonde, I am offended by your knee-jerk reaction to a blonde 007. Blondes have been ridiculed, marginalized, and called "dizzy" for far too long.

We are not all Susan Somers, just holders of recessive genes. As for the debate over whether blonde is something you are born as or become over time, I can tell you that I was a blonde from as early as I can remember. Those people who just "experiment" with being blonde "only during college" are just confused.

By the way, all vampires (and people who know their names) are gay.
The line about Kenny G made me laugh so hard i spit out my coffee.

I was a Connery Bond Fan, and I also liked Tim Dalton... For a new bond I was hoping they would go with a younger dude (in order to get more mileage out of the franchise). The guy who played Obi Wan... Ewan McGregor I think he would be cool. Esspecially if Q let's him keep the Light Saber.

The more I think about it, Clive Owen would the best choice for the part of James Bond. If you are not familiar, rent Sin City. If you have never seen Sin City Rent Sin City.

As far as Daniel Craig being James Blonde... I'm not biting. You might as well have Conan O'Brien play bond... probably be more entertaining.

Damn, I'm rambling...

There was something else... oh yeah, Tom Cruise is NOT gay.
Well Chris.......

Actually you support my rant, because Tom 'not gay' Cruise is not a real blond.
Well, Tom's confused. Clearly. Very confused.
There is only one Bond for me: George Lazenby.
Judging by the many different hair colors Jackson has had, I 'd say he's the one who's confused. And why not a gray Bond? Why is my demographic being ignored in the Bond selection process? Oh, Bond needs to be young? What have you got against older looking people?

Let us also not forget that Jackson almost played a vampire in a highschool production and has never come to grips with the play being canceled unexpectedly. He does know the names of all the vampires.

The only conclusion that can be drawn at this time is that he is in fact gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Reprint the shirts... TED "gay" STOCK.
Stop all this Gay Talk, Being Gay is NOT Cool!

You are flirting with damnation when you support the Gay Agenda!
I'm flirting with more than that!

If being gay is radical or subversive - count me in!

Well, can you be plutonically gay - a non practicing queer?
Tom "Freak" Cruise was indeed a bad idea for Lestat. When I heard of the movie being made, my vision of who to play Lestat was James Spader. And I still stick with that.
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