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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Mike Dot isn't into 'Don't Tell A Soul', he says it's not even on his radar, and furthermore that somebody forgot to inform Paul it was over after Bob wasn't in the band. I can understand Mike's position, I've felt the same way about AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and I'm sure many others. Indeed it seems The Replacements became Paul's solo band long before even 'All Shook Down', which actually began as an official solo record. The record company thwarted that notion and made Paul get Tommy and Chris on the record and call it The Replacements.

I'm not a very 'cool' Replacements fan I guess. I got into them around 'Tim' via my Brother and Brian Spears, and never spent much time with pre '85 Mats. I always dug 'Let It Be', but I must admit I listened to 'Tim' and 'Please To Meet Me' (the first non-Bob record) much more regularly, and in '89 when 'Don't Tell A Soul' came out I was all over it. I have blogged my love of this record previously, so I won't beat that to death.

I look at 'Don't Tell A Soul', like I look at 'The Final Cut'. Solo records released prior to the break up. Band members become sidemen because the quality of the writing is as good or better than ever, but they don't enjoy the experience of being sidemen, and then the band actually does break up.

Why then, is Tommy playing with Axl? Musn't he be unsatisfied? (Ouch - The Pun God slapped me for that one.)

I am a huge Replacements Fan... It's kind of a pre-req to living in Minneapolis. I love the Replacements, and I too am not a very Cool Replacements Fan (and I could get my ass kicked for saying the following), I have always thought of The Replacements as Paul's first solo band. I've liked everything that has come from his pen.

Paul put out a double cd a few years ago - That I highly recommend. The first CD in the set is by Paul Westerberg titled, "Stereo". The second CD is called, "Mono" and is by Paul's alter ego, "Grandpa Boy".

The project was recorded in a house here in Minneapolis during the first year of his daughter's life. You should check it out, it's totally worth a listen. It's in my rotation quite a bit.

The CD was done on 4 and 8 track recording equipment. Very raw and Very cool.

Oh yeah Paul also does a cool cover of Nowhere Man on the soundtrack, I am Sam.
excuse my rambling, I've had a few cocktails this evening...
Based on Ted's post and Hue's response, I guess I'm a cool Replacements fan. Which is great news. I've always wanted to be cool.

Stereo is an awesome album.
Paul has a son, Johnny, not a daughter. The kid's full name is John Paul. I wonder if he meant to name him after a couple of popes.

ps. ted, is there a way to make word verification easier? It hurts my head
Clarkie - the only way around it is armed response, death to blogspammers.

It's a good way to work on your hand/eye coordination though.
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