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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


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So any pics or video come up, besides Fred's pics?
Actually, the only pictures I took all day were of Geek Farm.

Of course, I used an old fashioned, 20th century analog camera (the kind that uses film) so I will have to send it to the magic elves who make pictures.

I'll keep you posted.
I saw freaking cameras everywhere - but all I've seen so far are the AVC/Gotham Gal shots, which understandably ferature the Four Fellas.
Wow, Chris. Film? How old school. But I can't say it was a bad choice in bands.
I prefer film. I find it to be... warmer.
Yes, I still worship my Nikon FE2, but I love the immediate gratification of digital.
Paul just dropped a cd of jpegs on me that Leslie took. Some great Leia moments....
send me a picture with R2
I have cold digital pictures of the Noodle, mainly Leia. I'll try and get them to you this week.
These aren't the droids you're looking for.
These aren't the droids we're looking for.
He can move along.
Move along.

Move along.

Did you recover your R2? There were many greedy eyes on it as me and the miss were heading out.

What the hell is this word verification thing below? It's mocking me, it knows I failed German in college...
I think German failed you, Tony.
Oh yes, R2 is safe and sound back at Smoke and Mirrors. Both R2's, I should say (the figure and the larger, formerly remote controlled model).

Had anyone touched my R2 Unit, I would've been forced to open up a can of Force on their sorry butt.
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