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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Ever since I got to Chicago I've been having extremely vivid dreams. This happens every time I go on the road because my diet on the road lacks a certain herbal supplement that my mind replaces with vivid dreams.

I guess because of TEDSTOCK (# 20! I like round numbers) my dreams have involved bands that played that particular event.

First Chris and I embarked on a Lolapalooza type road show with a number of crazy bands that somewhat resembled the formentioned acts. Being the first of this series of dreams, I didn't pay much attention to it, and much has since faded, but I think the Horse was there.

Then Chris joined Microdot. A very different Microdot - a band of narcotic inhaling fiends - Cavalier on marching powder was scary! There was a sleazy bar that hey hung out in, and worst of all, Ingenthrone was boasting some serious gear and he wouldn't give me any!

The following night I apparently had my revenge on Chris, and I put a band together with John from the X's. We played the same sleazy bar. There weren't any drugs, and it was a pleasant dream.

Last night I was living in a run-down mansion with Joel from the Horse, and though I don't think I was in the band, we were working together promoting a tour. Chuck was nice to everybody, and Lance never complained. Ahhh dreams.

I've though alot about all of this, and in the end I think it means that I'm not done, at 40, with my rock dreams.

That's cool.

Sadly, it was all a dream...


By the way, when you comin' home?
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight....

I land at 8 pm, but I gotta hunt down Paul to get me paycheques from 'im.
There's some House of Blondes with Mikedot going down tonight - will we see you there, or do you think the Paul hunt will take you out of commission for the evening?

I guess I should alert Glauco that we won't be "seeing" him tonight (unless you want to).
I'll call Glauco and make arrangements for manyana.....

I should be in the city by 9:30, and maybe I'll just tell Paul that I'll get me $$$ in the morning - hit the check cahing and whatnot then.
'tis groovy
Tell Glauco they're featuring Ukrainian strippers at Scores tonight. That'll buy you another day...
Glauco works at Irving Plaza.

I asked him if he ever needed any help and he said "Don't you have keys to hand out?"
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