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Saturday, November 12, 2005


First last weeks wrap up.

I went 7-6, not good. I would have picked Indy over the Pats but I spaced on that game. The Eagles officially suck, good. It's the year of the Giants. Looks like Chicago has emerged the clear forerunner in that crappy division. Did I mention that it's the year of the Giants?

This week:

Arizona at Detroit. Does it matter? Detroit I guess.

Jacksonville over Baltimore

Indy over Houston

KC over Buffalo

Giants kill Minnesota. The Vikes should save themselves the humiliation and pain that is coming.

New England at Miami. This is actually interesting in that they both suck, but just a little less than the Jets. I almost want Buffalo to take the conference.

Chicago destroys the Niners, then they go get some beersss.

Oakland over Denver. There is a very good chance that I'm wrong.

The Jets come back from Carolina victorious. They remain undefeated the rest of the season, QB of the week - Dave Kreig.

Green Bay travel all the way to ATL to lose, many refuse to come home.

Seattle continue to dominate as they destroy St. Louis.

Washington loses in Tampa.

Cleveland upset Pittsburg.

Dallas get a win in Philly. McNab leaves with Parcells. Andy Reed gets very mad, calls Brett Favre in ATL.

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