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Monday, November 14, 2005


Bad week for New York football. Eli needs to calm down, he gave the Vikes the game. Take away the 5 interceptions and you've got the G Men crushing the Vikes, oh well. I'm not talking about the Jets. The Black Knights won their third straight, so that's a nice salve to a bad week. Even the Pats won.

6 and 7 - ugly. I could break even tonight, but I don't care. Looks like Seattle is all I have left unless Eli can get it together. When is Chad coming back?

So, the Giants are 6/3, which ain't bad, after tonights game they'll either be tied with Dallas for the lead, or will be one game ahead of both Dallas and Philly - so I'm routing for Philly tonight, which means Dallas will win, which means I'll break even for the week, and the Giants and the Cowboys will be neck and neck. Shitty any way you slice it. Damn you, Eli.

Now, Seattle, on the other hand, is 7/2. Nice! No competition in sight. I'm going to have to keep a close watch. As far as the AFC is concerned, as long as somebody keeps the Pats out of the Super Bowl I don't care what happens. If it comes down to a Giants/Seahawks showdown in the post season, I'll have to go with the G - Men, but I think Seattle is better equipped to do teh job just now. No hope for ATL Tony. Sorry.

We'll see.

No apologies necessary... The Falcons need receivers for Vick to throw to. Once Crumpler is double covered we're left with Finneran, who sucks. Des White is out for the season and is sorely missed (enjoyed seeing his skills while he was at GT). Vick can not take the team to the Superbowl himself. It'll have to be with a worthy team of players.

Army won ugly against a Div. IAA opponent. Ross I'm sure has lost his voice yelling at his players, but we'll take the win anyway. Next weekend is the last homegame of the season against Arkansas. They are beatable. If I were you, I'd be there in our regular seats cheering them on. Winning four in a row going into Navy would be huge.
I'd go to the game if I wasn't going to be on my way to Miami for my Carnival Cruise, D and I get a week in the Carribean on some giganto boat. It's gonna be fun, I've never done anything so mainstream....
Ah! the cruise...

You're gonna have a blast. Nothing wrong with mainstream every once in a while!
I hate the Vikings!

Cruise eh? sounds like fun.

Advice... start drinking early everday. It's always fun to pass out on the running track.

I also like to go heckle the people in the gym while I smoke and drink.

If you get an opportunity to dine with the captain.. Get really smashed before hand and keep asking, "Hey, where's Tenille?" or better yet, interrupt him in the middle of story and say, "Blah blah blah, just Shut the fuck up and play 'Muskrat Love'".

Just don't go on one of those "Tom Cruise Lines" - I'm not saying there is anything wrong with gay Cruise packages, I just don't think it would be very fun for you and D.

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