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Tuesday, November 29, 2005


It seems as if the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction committee reads Savage Distortion. Last year I blogged extensively about the shameful lack of Black Sabbath and Lynyrd Skynryd in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Well, along with Miles Davis, Blondie, and the Sex Pistols, Sabbath and Skynyrd finally take their deserved place amongst Rock's greatest. The Pistols induction is a bit of a shocker considering their exploitation of the record industry, but one cannot deny their contribution to the art form. If anybody has any questions about why Miles Davis, check the shades.

Now, where's Yes and Genesis?


Is that even rock 'n' roll?
As much as Yes or Rush.
Where the hell is "Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five"?
That's a very good question actually. Since many inductees have not, strictly speaking, been Rock and Roll, the door is open to those, and there are many, Hip Hop artists who have had a major impact on Rock and Roll. Aside from GMF and the FF, one could argue that RUN DMC, Public Enemy, and NWA would be sho-ins. Right now they are at the calss of 1980 (although nobody on this year's list began their career in 1980 - it was a big year for Blondie, but the Pistols were way over by then, and Sabbath and Skynyrd were on their respective second incarnations. Miles of course is timeless) It seems to me that Rap began to hit the mainstream conciousness around 84 - so if we don't see something in the next four years we'll have to bum rush that particular show.
What is Rush, if not Rock?

Is Miles more rock than Rush?

Genesis, of course, is its own genre. Borecore.
Hating like that makes you smell bad.
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