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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I opened all my gifts early monday morning just after TEDSTOCK wrapped. I got some great gifts. The best gift of all was from my brothers, they gave me TEDSTOCK. Microdot's 'Left of the Dial' was a truly special gift that I will always treasure. Tony and Mrs. Alva gave me an awesome Chad Pennington jersey that I'm wearing at work today - looks great with the pink mohawk. I also recieved some money, which is always great. The Joe Man gave me a book on Shane McGowan and a DVD of Shakes the Clown - what are you trying to say Joe? Somebody, and I am shamed to say I can't remember who, gave me an awesome Iron Maiden DVD featuring classic early Maiden footage. Thanks!

The greatest gift a guy could get was the turnout, again, my thanks to all who atteneded.

Ted -

I'd love to see that Maiden DVD!
it may have been the greatest gift i have ever given too.
There's no doubt about it. And it's a gift that keeps on giving.
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