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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


George is all hot to press Brain Shivers on vinyl. This would constitute a dream come true for me. So what's the issue? He wants to do it solely on Vinyl. I argue that one must offer not only CD format, but download as well. An exclusive vinyl pressing limits the potential audience. George said to me: "How many of your friends don't have a phonograph?" I couldn't think of any off hand ( I actually can now, but last night I couldn't). My response was: "What about people I don't know." I certainly don't want to limit sales to my friends. I'm popular, but that's a seriously limited market. We asked those around us at the bar (Spuyten Duyvil), who has a turntable. One out of four had the capacity to play vinyl. George's argument is that vinyl is more marketable, it holds more interest, and value. But what value does it have to the three guys without a turntable?

My suggestion is to print 500 vinyl, and offer CD's at Cafe Press, and offer downloads from someplace like Emusic. Cover all the bases.

What thinks the public? When I say public, I mean the ten people who read my blog. Oh wait, I forgot, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Committee reads my blog, I wonder what they think?

At any rate it's a truly great record. In my opinion it's the second greatest record ever made, and it's the greatest record ever made that Alan Parson's had nothing to do with.

I got no working turntable.

Who is this 'George'? Why do people listen to him?
Maybe we work a deal with Technics, buy a turntable, get a free copy of Brain Shivers.
I love vinyl, love my turntable, but when I buy albums from bands and shows and stuff, even when they have vinyl, I tend to buy CDs. There are a couple of reasons. Vinyl quality as a whole over the past 10 years or so has been crap. Unless of course you get the likes of Matador or MFSL. The other is portability. I know your opinions on digitized/compressed music, Ted, but the convenience of digital cannot be understated. I can listen to it at home, I can stick it on my iPod to listen to wherever, I can have it on my computer at work when I want to listen to it. Etc. I have ripped vinyl for portability, but for the most part these days I just get the CD.

Robyn Hitchcock's last album was out on vinyl, which had one more song than the CD. I can respect the vinyl edition, but kind of pissed me off that you HAD to get it to get that one extra song. I'll quote Devo when I say, "Freedom of Choice."

Maybe I should start blogging...
Do not doubt that regardless of cost, I ain't printing on no crap vinyl. It will be a quality pressing, or none at all.
My rant said, I would love to have our shit on vinyl. Do you already know the costs? If not, please let me know when you find out. I remember Steve Masucci got some 7"s done for LL&V.
Nothing would be cooler than to release it ONLY on vinyl and 8 track quadrophonic!

I salute George...

is the same George who did the kick ass mix from Keith Richards jam rehersal tape??

Once Brain shivers is released, let's have George put together an album of his stuff.

Welcome back
Who actually says "phonograph," grandpa?

What are you, 40?
40, but far from Granpa.

Hue, Goerge has albums. Check out viaskyway.com
you gotta give it to people however they want it.

but you don't have to promote it that way.

so make the vinyl the primary offering, but offer CD and mp3 if they must have it that way.

i'd do the CDs on demand, as ted suggests.
I agree with rightbackatyou.

The vinyl will appeal to the fetishists (including us) while the CD's on demand will prevent the dreaded "oh look, another box of disks..." syndrome.
oh yeah, and as long as receivers have "phono" inputs I'll keep calling it a "phonograph" too.
Yeah - Phonograph, phonograph! I guess it's a liberal leftie thing to do. Conservatives call them 'objects I threw away in 1986'.
I don't even buy cd's anymore.

the upswing is the download
I don't even buy cds anymore

the upswing is the download

However, vinyl covers will always make the best seed separator known to man

Freddie! Well you're right about the seed separation - but i will always prefer vinyl, it's like penut butter sandwiches - I just like it.
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