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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Big Strike: Day Two
Still loving it. New York is a lot more quiet, less traffic. I think we should keep the HOV restrictions permanently.

i find i am doing as much work, only now i get to smoke continuously.

so i guess i'm doing more work. go TWU!

it is inevitable that i will have to go into work at some point this week. some of my christmas presents are there.

i bought milk and now i'm hopped up on tea.



eek whats crawling on me eejgr. .'gae
I've always advocated border guards at the bridges to keep New Jersey out of New York. My neighborhood is so nice without all those ugly yellow license plates trawling for tranny hos.
UPDATE There wee no spiders.

Sorry if I alarmed anyone, it was a piece of stuffing from Mr. Goat, Buck's little buddy who he likes to rip apart.
In case nobody revisits the post below this one...

Fuck the wiretaps, does anybody have ANY GOOD ideas on how to save my lame projects that we on the fabled dropped hardrive?

I'm going to check with all my local resources here in the ATL, but with this gang of technogeeks there's gotta be someone who has some sound advice on how to recover/restore this hard drive.

I doubt the S&M guys will want to re-record any of it and I don't want to put them through that anyway, but it would be nice to get my projects back.
that's why we recommend every artist take a backup of their work.

Seriously, some day there will be an earthquake or terrorist attack or something and a beer will spill.

It is certainly possible to take the drive in for data recovery. it's hit or miss, like treating cancer.

now the wiretapes...
uh, now have i commented twice under one post or once under two?
Easy on the Tea.

A decision has been made about the drive. It's going to ATL tomorrow.

Some of my best friends are wiretaps.
Chris is right, unless whatever you deleted is in the trash or something. And for the future, back up your shit. I simply do it to an external hard drive.

Now back to the Carvin bass I've been playing with that my friend Greta lent me. I like it a lot and think I'll get my own. This one in particular has been with Greta on tour with Moby (note the same bass that's currently sitting in my living room. Nifty. At Greta's approval I pulled off all the tape (she said she didn't need it since Moby's guitar tech put it on for some odd reason) and cleaned it up and this is what was underneath some of it. Greta said, "V. Tired is what I was after 3 years on the road! Is THAT what was under there?"
Well, that's all well and good Ken, but I think the Jazz looks cooler. I am after all, a very shallow man.
Yeah, but the Jazz is heavier and not as comfortable.
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