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Friday, December 16, 2005


When I was twelve, the Bee Gees were everywhere. It made me sick, really. Night Fever, Night Fever, Night Fever. You could not possibly escape it. That's why my friend Mike Hutchison and I started the 'Disco Rots' Club. I wanted to call it the Disco Sucks Club, but Mike was a feared of his Mammy. We had a treefort with 'Disco Rots' spray painted on it.

I don't regret those days. We were just reacting to an unfortunate circumstance. The over-exposure of a musical group. These days I love me some Bee Gees. Damn skippy. I'm still a little gun shy of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. It's quality stuff, but I don't listen to much of it, except 'How Deep is Your Love'. That song kicks ass.

Mostly, I like earlier Bee Gees. 'Knights On Broadway' is one of my all time faves, but lately I've been reaching back even further. 'To Love Somebody', 'I Just Gotta Get A Message To You', and of course the Robin Gibb classic, 'I Started A Joke'. I love Robin. He's so fuckin' weird. And that voice, it's like no other.

We lost Maurice not too long ago. He was my favorite, mostly because he played the bass, and wasn't annoying. Barry's teeth and hair annoy me. I see that Barry has a new record out, another Gibb/Striesand affair. There's no way it could be anywhere near as good as their '79 colabo, 'Guilty'. That record makes me weep.

I wonder what Robin is doing? Probably just chillin' in his castle. Seriously, the guy lives in a castle.

Jacob Dylan and Wallflowers did an excellent cover of "I started a Joke" it's on the "Zoolander" soundtrack.

Barry's opening line in "... Broken Hear" is great. he sounds like a sick Jose Feliziano (I can't spell).

"I can think of Younger days, when livin for myself..."
Have taken my fair share of abuse from diehards and family members for repealing my hatred for the BeeGees. Can not however follow the same path with Striesand. Her talent will always be overshadowed by her infinate assholiness.
You gotta give the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack another shot.

"Night Fever" is quintessential disco, as good as the genre ever got. The beat makes drummers weap instantly. And when the prechorus kicks in... "Here I am/prayin' for this moment to last/livin' on the music so fine/borne on the wind/makin' it mine...", with the synthesizer filter sweeps behind it - pure genius.

To me, there's a sadness to disco, like the people making the music knew that it was really just covering up the darkness that was life in the 70's. It's like they knew the party couldn't last.

The Bee Gees are undeniable.
I'm afraid 'Night Fever' occupies a space in my brain akin to French Toast in yours......I know it's good, I just can't go there.

What's yer beef with Babs, Tony? Asshole is strong language. Annoying I can see, or even over the hill fat big nosed ninny, but asshole?
Asshole is the right word. Too many things to list.
I think you just don't like her. I saw her in some early seventies movie recently, 'What's Up Doc', very funny, a Bogdonavich flick, and well, she was hot dude. Totaly bonable, and funny too. Maybe it was a camera trick, but she had my attention.

Streisand and Bonable, together?

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