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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Day one of the transit Strike. I love it. I'll hate it Friday when I have to lug my luggage to Penn Station, but today, I love it. I walked to Union Square from Williamsburg. It took me an hour and ten minutes. I grabbed a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 headphones, and listened to Paul's Boutique as I crossed the bridge. I switched to Iron Maiden's Killers for the walk through lower Manhattan to Union Square. I drank some high octane coffee as I strolled. It's a beautiful, cold, crisp day here. Lovely.

Very jeleous!
Feel the same way, the city looked stunning this morning. My walk was about 40-45 minutes. I went up sunny sunny First Avenue from 6th Street to 52nd street, and it was invigorating, and not that cold once I got moving.

I can do this for a few days.
I'd do it every day if it was under forty minutes, an hour-ten is a bit much. I can last as long as the union, that's for sure.

I hope it snows.
We'll get an update from Ted after the walk home...
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