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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last night Chris and I recorded some guitars and vocals for the Strikes Again! record. We began with Jeff, and his Tele Deluxe (see Chris' post) through his Rivera 55 watt Knucklehead. Jeff uses a lot of effects, which is fine, that's his sound, but I wonder what that lil' amp would sound like full on with his Deluxe straight in. My bet is that is would be a monster. I really like the Deluxe, it's as near to perfect as you could want. I'd want mine with a rosewood fretboard.

Next up John plugged into the Marshall Slash Series. No stomp-boxes, just a man, a guitar, and an amp. We used the high output, modeled on the JCM Marshalls (800 and higher). First John used my Epiphone Jr. Those P-90's really put out a squeal with all that gain. That can be good or bad depending. The tone was huge, though. Massive. John wanted to tune down to D, and my Jr.'s low E (a .13) is wound so tight, and the nut hugs the string so tight, that tuning down isn't really an option, so I handed him my Tele, Ruby Red Slippers.

I have heard a lot of guitars through that amp. Andy Rock's Les Paul being one of them, and I have never, not ever, heard such a wonderful magical tone come out of that Hiwatt cabinet. I have a new favorite tone. Tele/Marshall/Full on. It might have had something to do with the tuning and John's playing, but it was fab-o!

After the guitar tracking was done, we worked on vocals. John stepped up to the Studio Projects C-1 series, and what came out sounded as glorious and monstrous as what was coming out of the guitar amp. John's delivery is extreme.

This record is going to be one of the best things we've ever recorded.

i think the tuning had a lot to do with it.
holy shit, you've been a bloggin machine...

NOTHING interests me more than screwing around with guitar tones. I'm a total hack, but my years of working in guitar shops and being in bands... there's nothing more fun to me than hanging out with other guitar players and having tone fun.

"just a man, a guitar, and an amp" great line... sounds like a title to a great song, CD, or book....

Keep up the great work, I hate not having time to blog.
I basically can't stand effects anymore. I just want to hear the actual guitar playing. Finding a decent amp tone, however, is a long spiritual journey.
tone is in the fingers.
Just turn those knobs on your fingers Dave....Maybe a mid cut on your ring finger?
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