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Monday, December 19, 2005


Nine months ago, I started writing a 'solo' record. The idea, my idea, was to develop my ideas. The only problem I foresaw, and still foresee, is mixing. Basically, I hate it. Chris loves it. Or, at least it seems as though he loves it, he sure does a lot of it. Maybe it's just necessary, and he's the one willing to put in the time, either way, he's a better mixer than I. My solution was to pay him (100 dollars) to mix the record. Ostensibly that was my way of saying: "let me record the stuff my way, and then you can make it sound as good as possible, given what I give you."

Well, I got eight songs recorded; 'If'n You Say So', 'The Women In My Life', 'Well Worn Uniform', 'Get It', 'Long Goodbye', 'Supplies', 'Stoned Again', and 'Pissin' on the Roses', for a record titled Stoned Again, and then turned my attention elsewhere - mainly TEDSTOCK. In the afterglow of TEDSTOCK much talk of gigging has been going around. Via Skyway played their first post TEDSTOCK gig on Friday, and the question keeps coming up as to what the future holds for Ted and gigging. To that end I decided that I was retiring all my old tunes in favor of songs written for Brain Shivers or Stoned Again. I've also decided to write some new songs to fill out both the record and a live set.

Yesterday, Chris and I spent a few hours mixing some songs from Stoned Again. During the TEDSTOCK months, an associate dropped my hard drive which contained three of the songs I was working on: 'The Women In My Life', 'If'n You Say So', and 'Well Worn Uniform'. The result being that I no longer have those projects, only work mixes of those songs. I'm fine with it, really. I'm just glad it was those three, because two of them don't really work for this record, and one of them, 'The Women In My Life', just isn't my song, at least not vocally. Chris and I worked on that song quite a bit before it 'went away', and it just wasn't happening. The way I look at it, God was helping me edit the record, and acted through the clumsy hands of my associate.

So where do I stand? I have five good sounding songs. Five songs that make me happy. Chris has already earned his hundred with the work he did yesterday. I will pay him. I'd like to write three more, and finish an eight song CD sometime this spring.

Said hard drive also contained a lot of other material... likely lost forever.

Take home lesson - back up. Or don't let people walk around with your drive, unless they are entirely encased in bubble wrap.

They being the people and the drive.
Any of my projects on that drive?
Not sure about that Tony, I'll look into it. It's a matter of deduction, since we can't even mount the drive, we're not 100% sure of what's on it, basically whatever isn't on the other three drives, but I'll tell you this, that drive was reaching capacity (180 gigs). That's a lot of music.
backups are like condoms, a damn good idea.

on the subject of the record, why not an EP? i love EPs.

the album format is so 1975.
What's wrong with 1975? All the things that are destroying music hadn't been invented yet, 75 rules!

Having said that, an ep might be that way to go.
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