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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My comment on Dave's post about the liberal posture concerning the ongoing conflict in Iraq threatened to go on a bit long, so I'll say my bit here.....again.

Victory is defined as a resolution to a conflict in which the victor gets to impose his will on the defeated. In this case the enemy is an ideology, so victory is therefore moot. Thusly, when one quotes Howard Dean by inferring that he said 'we can't win', one is, in fact, giving Howard undue credit for being right. We cannot win.

Furthermore, to imply that saying that we can't win is either irresponsible or dangerous to our troops is ludicrous. What is dangerous to our troops is being shot at and blown up. What is irresponsible has been covered previously on this blog.

To those who disagree, I suggest reading some history. Start with Rome and their struggles in the same region we are now discussing. Next up, a little thing called the American Revolution (not really a revolution). After that, try the Vietnam War. It boggles the mind how such a vast portion of the populace can forget what happened only 35 years ago. Those are but a few of an overwhelming number of examples of how what we are attempting to do in Iraq cannot be done. It goes against human nature.

Pull out now, we save a great many AMERICAN lives, and take away a major impetus for what many are calling 'the insurgents'. I don't see them as such, I see them as the folks who live there.

Stop the madness. Spend money at home.

Amen...and amen again.
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