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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Apparently, for George W. Bush, a plan for victory means lots of signage that say 'A Plan For Victory'. When people ask him if he has a plan for victory he can point to the giant sign behind him, or the two that flank the podium, and say; "It's right here, can't you read?"

I don't like the term victory, I'd rather see a plan for peace, and I'd rather see a plan, not a big sign.

Yeah, but victory smells like napalm.
Peace smells, but who's buyin'
Seems to me that this would be a great time for Kerry and Edwards to roll out that fabulous plan for Iraq that they kept mentioning last year.

Oh wait, they have. Run.

Great plan.
I seem to recall a different agenda coming from them, something about getting some other nations involved, I never heard the 'Run' plan, but then again I was probably the only one listening.
Murtha gave the most succinct recent summary of the run plan.

Interesting that Hillary is putting some serious distance between herself and the other Democrats on this one. She's never characterized her vote for the war as a mistake. It would be a huge political liability in a few years.
Hillary is a huge political liability.
But it might be cool to have the first lesbian president.
Wow, this is some insightful political commentary here.

I have to agree with Dave Cavalier that George Bush is doing a GREAT job in Iraq. He has a GREAT plan. He enjoys support both at hom and abroad, from his countrymen and leaders of most free nations.

He and his men were completely straight up when they led our country to war. This is in NO WAY about oil, it's about PROMOTING DEMOCRACY and ELIMINATING GENOCIDE, and we'll get around to the other genocides currently happening in Africa later. We'll also take care of Osama soon. He isn't a real threat, of course. Saddam was a much greater threat than Bin Laden, clearly.

George Bush is SMART, a Uniter. He has been able to bring this country together in a time of national crisis. When George Bush speaks (and I've seen him do it, in person, up close, before he was elected leader of the Free World) he gives you confidence.

Compared to Bob Dole, and John McCain, both of whom I've also met personally, George Bush is the best the Republican Party could hope to offer.

We are a LOT safer in this country now. We have responded adequately to 9/11. We have good, responsible plans for dealing with the next terrorist attack. Just ask the former 9/11 commission.

KERRY AND EDWARDS were LOSERS. John Kerry was a criminal in a war that GW wasn't stupid enough to even go fight in!!

It sounds pretty funny when you actually write it all out, eh?
What did you Bob Dole, and John McCain talk about?
I talked to both Bobby and Johnny (as I've never called them) about taxes for a Comedy Central Special ("Lewis Black: Taxed Beyond Belief") a few years ago.

Mostly we talked about the complexity of the tax codes. We also talked about which Saxon records one should buy. (No wait, that was this blog.)

Both men were great. McCain actually got us a hearing room in the Senate Office Building to shoot in. He can make a call and do that kind of shit. Cool guy.
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