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Thursday, December 15, 2005


I reading the book by Jacob Slichter, former drummer of 90's band Semisonic, who wrote about the travails of venturing into the world of big time music business. I'm enjoying it because it's a great expose about the sickening state of commercial music in America. On the whole, though, I'm certain of one thing; I'm grateful that Jason isn't my drummer.

Coundn't agree more. I think the guys a much better author than drummer. He's actually very funny at times.
His attention to the bottom line makes for a good book, but his attitude is not very rock n roll.
hey there, jackson...wanted to point you to this post on recording...

send me an email address...here's a link to something I produced:


(Ronny Crawford on drums (Lisa Loeb's drummer)
I wasn't ever a big Semisonic fan, I did like them before they were Semisonic.. they were called Trip Shakespeare they were a lot different.

I've never read the book, but it sounds good.

Semisonic's John Munson, along with former Suburb singer/pianist Chan Poling (one of my all time favorite Minneapolis Bands) Teamed up with a vibraphonist, they formed an awesome new jazz trio, called, 'The New Standards.'

The group plays cover songs with unusual Jazz arrangements.

check out their website,

They are Playing at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan, NY on January 6th. Check them out they are a lot of fun.
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