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Monday, December 12, 2005


I read David Fricke's review of the new Darkness record. He's such a massive douche that I wonder why it upset me. Who cares what that guy thinks? I assure you he knows nothing about Metal.

I wouldn't have been reading that magazine anyway if it weren't for two factors. I needed some light reading for what would turn out to be a weekend of many train rides, and the issue had three articles that sparked my interest.

The first thing that caught my eye was Chris Rock's top twenty-five Hip-Hop records. I'll buy that. I was curious to see what would make his list, and was not surprised or upset by what I found. RUN-DMC, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys, NWA, Eric B and Rakim, Snoop Dogg, and Outkast all made the list, and Eminem did not. Curiously enough, The Chronic didn't make it either. Chris only mentions Dre's landmark LP when discussing 'Doggy Style', wherein he remarks that Snoop's record holds up better because it's a party record, and those themes are timeless. I agree. I don't think any serious musician can deny Dre's ability to write and arrange great beats, but the record is dated by the feuds of the day. The whole feuding thing is what keeps me from buying hip-hop. Literally and figuratively. It's way negative, and bad for business. Many 'artists' in 'the game' will tell you different, and that calling out and disrespecting rivals actually sells rap records, and I don't doubt it. It also, however, is a part of the whole escalation of hostility that leads to murder (see Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay).

That leads to the second article I was drawn to, which was about Jay-Z. Jay has resorted to the feud in the past. It would be very hard for him to be taken seriously by his audience if he hadn't. He was smart enough, though, to put and end to it, separate himself from it, and move on.

The third article was about the Biggie shooting, the Rampart scandal, and Suge Knight. If one is to believe the extent of the collusion, it's mind boggling. Speaking of Suge, My Baby and I would like to know exactly what went down that night when Snoop managed to walk away from Death Row. Not that we'd have wanted to be there. I don't think Snoop wanted to be there.

There was also an article on John Lennon. I've read the same article a hundred times in Rolling Stone. There's nothing new to say on that subject. The photos are always good, and I'm sure some younger folk haven't read it before.

I suppose I got my $3.95 worth.

I'm kind of amazed they even publish Rolling Stone at this point. Who the hell is reading this thing? It was a lame magazine when I was kid and that was 20 years ago.
I can't believe you're paying for that rag. Seriously, I've read better (and more relevant) music reviews on the wall in the CB's bathroom.
I'll read whatever rags I want, thank you.
I never read it before, but I have a 3-year subscription to it that I got a couple of months ago for I think $10. Good toilet reading material.

I finally heard The Darkness. There was a video on in some crap bar on the UES I had to go to a birthday party at. I thought it was 80s cheese metal. Such crap!
I can't believe you Ken. Of all people, I thought you'd get the Darkness thing.

Cheese, sure, but good cheese, that knows it's cheese, and just happens to like cheese.
It was good cheese? Okay, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and try to see them again. I saw them on par with all the 80s cheese metal bands like Warrent, etc.
Much more like Queen and Priest. I suggest listening before viewing.
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