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Monday, December 19, 2005


I finished the Schlicter book, 'So You Wanna Be A Rock And Roll Star'. As sick as the music industry is, I think Mr. Schlicter would have written a different book if his band was any good.

I forgot about two drummer solo records; Cozy Powell's 'Over The Top', 1979, an all instrumental record, Cozy's attempt at fusion I suppose, I own it, I never listen to it, and Herman Rarebell's 'Nip In The Bud' 1981, which I rather like. Herman's idea of a solo record is to play drums with a band other than the Scorpions. Thankfully, on 'Nip In The Bud', he does not sing. He also has an album out called 'Herman Ze German', which, sadly, I do not own, but Charlie Hunn, of Nugent's band, plays guitar on it.

Perhaps you are right about Schlicter. The tell tale sign is the whole single promotion thing. Sans that, the book did provide in disgusting clarity and detail the indentured servitude the standard recording contract clamps unassuming musicians and rock bands in.

All the "charge back" costs that most non-Harvard grad musicians are clueless about. I'd say that most musicans that sign these contracts aren't even aware of the fundemental basis of these contracts i.e. We're going to spend a crap load of money on sweetheart deals with our friends at various studios and promotional agencies and bill it all back to you. Oh, and don't forget to sign this document. What is it? It's really nothing, it's just your publishing rights. No big deal.

While I think the book does a good job putting the harsh realities of the record industry front and center, I think what he details regarding the business of braodcast radio makes the label guys look like saints. With all due respect to A VC and the future of HD radio, braodcast radio is more corrupt than the 1970's Teamsters Union. It's so broken I really don't think there's any chance of it getting fixed. As much as I'm not a fan of subscription radio, I cheer for it's success if only to ruin the braodcast radio business so it can perhaps be rebuilt.

Herman Ze German... That's rich.
i ended up hating the guy by the time i had finished the book.

he might be a good drummer, but he's not a guy i'd want to hang out with.

he didn't smoke, drink, or have sex.

what kind of rock star is that?
Exactly. He was complaining about being bored on the road, jeez.....
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