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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


There has been much discussion about the old Fender vs. Gibson question lately. I won't say that any one model of guitar is better than another. It's a matter of taste.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Les Pauls, because I find them bulky, uncomfortable, heavy, and super duper expensive. I favor Teles, Strats, and Juniors because I find them to be comfortable, affordable, and versatile.

I would consider buying another Strat or Tele, and slapping a humbucker on it. Right now, at Smoke and Mirrors, for humbucking we only have my Explorer (Epiphone), which does the job, and looks cool, but it's not very comfy, and you can't put it down (lean it up against a chair or wall), you have to hang it from it's headstock.

Another thing about Les Pauls, and I have played a number of them (Bill Devine's Silverburst, Pat Wilson's Cream Deluxe, Andy Rock's Sunburst, and Lance McVickar's Black Beauty) is that the action is too low for me. I'm not a finesse player, I don't have a light touch, and I tend to make more audible mistakes on guiatrs with severely low action. I know that low action is usually thought of as desirable, but not for me.

Lastly, I received a pair of Fender Chuck Taylors from my Baby on Sunday, and I gotta say, Fender footwear is way cool.

Doesn't get much cooler than the Fender Chucks.

Of course, some would say only pre-CBS Fender sneakers are any good, but you know what I say to them.
This is probably the closest thing to a Paul that Fender makes:


Fixed bridge, 2 humbuckers.
I always kinda liked the look of a 'do it yer self' job, like Dave Murray of Iron Maiden's early custom Strats w/ Humbuckers, complete with gaff tape and jagged pick guard cut out.
As long as you're prepared for Solderday, we've got some extra Strats kicking around.

You could make the Blogamacaster a Hot Rod Humbucker.
Those shoes are the F'n bomb!

I've always been a strat man, but don't listen to me - I'm a pathetic hack of a player.

thank god for my Mel Bey Chord book.
I was a Strat man until I played the ES-335. I fucking love that guitar. Part of it is that I came from a classical background and the 335 feels more like a classical to me. It's got a nice deep tone. I do miss the bite of the single coils, though.

At this point, however, it doesn't matter who makes the guitar because I'm just going to take it to Paul at Peekamoose and have him set it up exactly the way I want it.

Oh the joy of custom fret work.
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