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Thursday, January 12, 2006


Professional Skiier, Bode Miller apologised for his remark:

“There’s been times when I’ve been in really tough shape at the top of the course. Talk about a hard challenge right there. ... If you ever tried to ski when you’re wasted, it’s not easy."

(No apology necessary Bode, and I concur, though it's a good deal of fun)

Tennessee cops pulled over 7 year boy driving a pick-up.

(also a good deal of fun)

A convicted German cannibal returned to court on Thursday for a retrial to determine if his killing and eating of a willing victim amounted to murder.

(No, it's euthanasia tartar, and a good deal of fun)

Taiwan, home to the world’s first transgenic glowing fish, has successfully bred fluorescent green pigs.

(definately a good deal of fun)

A South Korean cloning pioneer, Woo Suk Hwang, accused of ethics violations apologized to the public on Thursday.

(his name is Woo Suk Hwang for chrissakes! There's endless possibility for a good deal of fun with that one)

Clearly things are quiet on the Pharmaceuticals Front.
I kind of like this, "Savage Distorted glance at the day's headlines"

I wonder what the sausage patties look like from the glow in the dark pigs...

MMMM I'll bet they are phosphor-iffic!
I think I'll do more of this type of jouranlism, providing a fresh outlook on the day's most important news.
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